Sunday 06/11/2022

An adventure about fearless children and scaredy-cat pirates!
The story of fearless little Maya who dreamed of being a fearless pirate!
Maya claims she is not afraid of anything!
Is that so? Aren’t we all afraid of something?
"Not me, I'm fearless!" she cries
"When I grow up I'll be a pirate and I won't obey to anyone!"
Wait!! There's an ad in her dad's newspaper:
"Wanted: fearless pirates for a pirate ship. Reward: a share of the treasure. Parrot not required!"

 Maya joins the crew and sails on the pirate ship, only to discover that being a pirate is not an easy job! Together with Captain Trouble and his assistant Barut she will face her fears and understand that even pirates can be scared!

 Watch the interactive show for children and naughty grown-ups! Muppet puppets, actors and original music remind us that it's ok to be afraid as long as we admit our fears and face them.

Fairytale-animation-music-puppets-stage sets by: 
OUPS! The Puppet Theater

Duration: 15:30-16:30 
Price: 10€/person

All necessary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus will be strictly observed, according to the Ministry’s instructions.

Number of seats is limited and reservation is required.

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