Sunday 23/1/2022

Have you ever cooked in nature?

At the Attica Botanical Park, we are truly busy setting up the outdoor kitchen that will accommodate you!

Put on your chef's apron and hat, roll up your sleeves and take a seat at your workbench.

Each group, up to 6 people, will have their own workbench and ingredients. Read the recipes carefully and get started!

The menu includes:

• Salad with fresh vegetables you’ve picked yourself from the Park's vegetable garden

• Mini cheese pies with fresh herbs from the aromatic herb beds

• Pizza with dough made with your own hands and… for the more adventurous...with a touch of broccoli and cauliflower right from the vegetable garden

• Truffles flavored with oranges, picked from the Park's orchard

And when everything is ready to be served, lay the plaid tablecloth and enjoy your dishes!

The activity is perfect for all ages

Duration: 11:00-14:00

Cost per group of 6 people: 100€

All necessary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus will be strictly observed, according to the Ministry’s instructions.

Number of seats is limited and reservation is required.

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