Saturday 16/10/2021

We learn, respect and love the environment.

Through interactive storytelling and experiential games, children realize that nature is our "home", which needs protection and care. They learn about animal and plant rights, the rules and necessity of recycling and how to adopt a "zero waste living" lifestyle. They understand their share of responsibility for the survival of flora and fauna as well as the importance of teamwork for a healthy environment and a quality of life.

The activity, implemented by the "Ap’ousia" team, is an introduction to environmental education for primary school students.

For Children aged 8-12

Duration: 11:00-14:00

Price: 12€/child

Parents are welcome to follow the activity or relax in the Park’s café.

All necessary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus will be strictly observed, according to the Ministry’s instructions.

Number of seats is limited and reservation is required.

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