Sunday 25/9/2022

 Secrets hidden in the Park: Explore the Park with botanist Marilena Moschouti!

Discover the endless life diversity in the Park!

• the four seasons

• eleven superb walks

• eleven unique experiences

Discover the beauty of the changing seasons! Join us for a walk in the Park, one day each month, from September to July! Together, we stroll around the secrets hidden in the Park. We learn about unknown legends, stories and fairy tales. We try new flavors in the Park’s products (farmtotable). We even design our own workshop to create insect repellents, elixirs and tinctures. Let’s paint, play and laugh!

On Sunday 20 November, the topic of the third walk is:

Look at the plant kingdom for "milk"!

It’s not just mammals that produce milk. So do fig trees, euphorbias, lettuce and even the radicchio!  And we often hear about almond milk. What is plant "milk"? What is it used for? What about its therapeutic value?

The activity will last 3 hours and afterwords we will learn how to make our own nutritious almond drink and enjoy it with our coffee or breakfast.

After the activity we can always relax in the Park premises and enjoy a cup of coffee paired with delicious and healthy snacks.

A few words from Marilena...

I was born in Athens. My love for people and Nature has always been within me. So, at age 33, I became a holistic healer and botanist. Back in my school years, I performed in plays and wanted to become an actress. In the years that followed democratic transition, I studied Sociology in France and when I returned to Greece, I worked for ten years as a set designer and costume designer in films and commercials. When the Wall came down, the creative power of Love led me to Berlin, where I studied the Healing Arts (Heilpraktikerin), specializing in botany and iridology. I practiced in Germany and in Athens for two decades. Since 2009, I have been living on a farm, overlooking the Euboic Gulf, cultivating the land, giving botany seminars in Athens, Crete, Peloponnese, Berlin and writing stories and fairy tales for children and adults.

Walk duration: 10.30-13.30 (the Park will be open from 10:00 to 15:00)

Price for adults: 18€ /person

Number of seats is limited and reservation is required.

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Upcoming topics:

  • Conifers: pine, fir and cypress - December
  • The Sun on Earth: citrus and carrots - January
  • From dinosaur plants to the colors of Iris - February
  • Every day is a new day - March
  • When the rainbow lies down on Earth - April
  • Roses, the favorite flowers of the gods - May
  • When the sun reaches its peak, fruits are super sweet - June
  • The bee's favorite plants - July